128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Thursday, May 9

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As I’ve mentioned before, my sisters go to the Glee-art school place, and thus study music … a lot …

Today was special because it was my sister’s “senior recital”. I was excited because A. I got to hear her perform her songs she’s been practicing like a madwoman the last few days/weeks, and B. I designed the program (the little pleasures in life …)

Around the Flute in 80 Bars

She did really really well. I was so proud of her. As I tweeted … I can’t even TALK for 30 minutes let alone play the flute for 30 minutes. She’s being hard on herself for “hacking” (I think?) but I don’t even know what that means so I’m sure it is fine. She did quite well and I enjoyed hearing her play her pieces from different places. The theme of her recital was “Around the Flute in 80 Bars” (coined by me). I love puns.

Anyhow, she did really well. The ah … only hiccough was that there was a fire alarm. During her recital. In the middle of one of her songs. She handled it well, but it was kind of … weird. I haven’t done a fire drill since I graduated! I forgot how utterly pointless they really are. I guess thats just because we did them so often that it was second nature … we all laugh about it looking back. The confusion on the performer’s faces (she was performing a duet with a friend) were priceless.

Having a sense of humour makes everything better.


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