128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Wednesday, July 10

I’m exhausted, but here is todays shenanigans.

My sister and I watched another Bond movie – “You Only Live Twice” and let me tell you (spoiler alert) I was freaking out in the first scene when he fake dies. Like … what the heck? I get it was a plan, but still. Also. Why is he so …. stupid? I mean, you approach the girl who is smiling deviously as you edge closer. Clearly she wants you to come closer. I don’t understand how people can be that oblivious and still live through 50 years of spy movies. Come on.

In addition, today was the first summer meeting for CCF! Yay! It was great to see people again before I go back to camp. I especially liked getting to have a super quick catch up with a dear sister. I actually enjoyed the evening more than I thought I would, but that is totally ok with me. 

OH YES. I also signed my contract today! Officially going to camp, as long as I get my documents done on time! AHHHH!


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Tuesday, July 9

Today my sister decided to start watching old James Bond movies. So, like a good natured older sister, I sat down and watched some with her. We did some Sean Connery features today, which I hear are the first ones? But I don’t know for sure and I just don’t feel like googling it. I enjoyed them more than I thought I would – apparently all I need to actually enjoy a thriller is blood that looks like gaudy pink paint and horribly acted out deaths (I usually don’t really like suspense filled-action movies). I wish I had known sooner!

In other news, I found this fantastic video on youtube today. It’s this newish boyband IM5, and if you don’t know yet, I like boybands. No shame. Well … some shame in real life, but the shame is decreasing as I stop caring what other people think. Anyway, this song is wonderful mashups of disney songs and boyband songs. I have so much joy listening to it. Also, I looked at some other videos, and it’s kind of nice to see a boyband that can dance AND sing. Brings joy to my life 😀

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Monday, July 8

The power went out today so I had to post this the next day.

So the power went out today at work. Luckily for me, I had the studio with the windows, but everyone else was teaching in the dark. It was interesting to say the least. Needless to say, we broke the no phones in the lesson rule because everyone was using the flashlight ap. Not that I blame them.

Then my sister and I were home by ourselves, so we watched Hoot (I’m 20 and I still love that movie…) on her laptop because it was fully charged (how lucky!) and roasted marshmallows over a candle. If you are going to attempt this, know that A. it’s fun, B. it takes forever, and C. your marshmallow will probably never cook all the way through. Also, surprisingly, the marshmallow can catch on fire, as my sister found out the hard way.

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Sunday, July 7

Today was travel back day! Woop! It was nice coming home … but I have to say, it is supremely nice to know that I’m leaving again soon. I’m pretty excited.

Also, I finally finished Wicked Lovely late last night! CHEYAAAA. All loose ends tied up nicely. Well done Melissa Marr, well done. Appropriate amounts of twists and turns, no unnecessary details, and only about 5 swearwords in the whole series. All and all, a nice youth fiction book.

I also finished Seer of Sevenwaters, and started Flame of Sevenwaters. The last book, and consequently the one I’ve only read once since it came out less than a year ago. I think my Irish pronunciation is getting pretty good, but sadly I have no one to test it on. Regardless, if you haven’t gotten the message from the last two weeks of posts, you should read Juliette Marillier. That is all.

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Saturday, July 6

Today my cousin’s friend from school came over, so hung out with them a little. More so, I had a good visit with my aunt and helped her make dinner. It’s kind of weird, but I find as I get older and older I just like talking more and more. Well, just the concept of words and conveying meaning and knowledge. Man, I should have been a linguistics major or something. What was I thinking? Also, made s’mores today. I love s’mores. I worked on perfecting my perfect-golden-brown-marshmallow cooking technique and I think I have it down for when I start camp!

Today moved onto Seer of Sevenwaters and the FINAL Wicked Lovely book, Darkest Mercy. I’m expectant of how the series will end because there are quite a few things that still need to be resolved. I think my favourite thing about the series is that the books all centre on different characters in the book, and not just two main ones falling in love or what have you, but still carries on the threads that need resolving. It makes it a little more stimulating, since it’s more of an “easy read” language and length wise. Regardless, I am really liking Aislinn (Ash-lin) or Aisling (ash-ling) for a name for my future daughter if I have one. One variation is in each of the series … and I’m just really liking it. But I like a few of the names, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Friday, July 5

Today we spent time helping out with lost and found at camp (volunteering), which I’ve done before and mostly did just for an excuse to be able to walk around camp with a visitor badge. But I did my fair share of work to get that badge!

It was especially nice because I finally got to go back to my camp centre and see some of the people I really wanted to see. I also did my super informal returner interview thing and I’m going back to camp! AHHHHHHH! Starting on the 14th and then seeing how it goes from then on … I’m so excited. I haven’t felt this confident and actually at peace and excited about a decision I’ve made so far this summer. I’m actually excited for what God has in store for me for the first time in a long while. I’m confident, and it feels good. I feel like I might have something to learn … and I look forward to it, even if it’s hard.

Extra bonus? Got my letter! Apparently it was put in the mail without a stamp, returned, and then picked up by another guy who gave it to me today. Icing on the cake. Like really.

Ooooo. And my closest cousin came back to visit today. It’s always nice to get to see him when we visit.

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Thursday, July 4

My cousin, who is Miss Evart, was in the parade today so of course we went to see it. I have immensely enjoyed partaking in these Fourth of July festivities this year because the last two years I was doing other things. It was weird to have the cousins I’m closest with not there, but it was still good. Plus, parades are just great. I mean, who doesn’t like parades?

We also celebrated my sister’s grad today by my aunt giving her a quilt. It’s a thing she started. She wants to give all of us a quilt when we graduate to remember her by. I love the one I got two years ago, but it ended up being too big for my bed so it’s being saved for when I either get a bigger bed, move out, or get married (consequentially involving the first two criteria), whichever comes first.

My cousin also set off his own fireworks tonight. It was probably more fun to watch him and his friends get super excited (he’s 13) about setting them off than actually watching them go off. But hey, Happy 4th, eh?

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Wednesday, July 3

Today I saw my lovely friends and it was great to catch up over food. Food is always good, and with people, it’s even better. Then they took me to camp to get to see more people! It was super bitter sweet, and I was kicking myself for not returning. It just felt like home in it’s own special way.

Moving forward, we went to a figure eight race (which was ok) and to the fireworks. They brought in an Eagles tribute band which was pretty sweet, and then who doesn’t like fireworks? They were pretty good (well they always are) so I left wholly satisfied.

Best part? I talked to the program director for camp and he emailed the director of the camp centre I worked at to let them know I was interested in coming back for a bit! I can’t decide how I completely feel about this yet … but I’m expectant.

Now I’m going to try and finish books 4~


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Tuesday, July 2

The highlight of this day, would be the part where I dropped by camp to see some people. The downside was that I didn’t actually get to see very many people, but the upside was that i planned a get together with some friends who have a day off tomorrow! Kind of really excited to see the two girls and hang out etc. I was also planning on picking up a letter my friend said they left for me … but it seemed to have been misplaced. Which is sad. And wouldn’t you know it, today it was raining. I believe that is regarded as poetic justice!

Starting the books 4 today. For Sevenwaters Trilogy, that just means the books after it…a second trilogy! Yeeeeeee. It’s called “Heir to Sevenwaters”. And it has a pronunciation guide. alkgjhslkjfgnaf. YES.

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Monday, July 1

Happy Canada Day! Except … I surely did about zero things today to celebrate Canada day. I’ve been steadily progressing through the series … now done books 3! I quite love Juliette Marillier even the umpteenth time through the books. I especially like how when I read them again I can pick up more details and enjoy it so much more. I also quite enjoy focusing on getting the pronunciations of all the names right in my head. And potentially picking out names for my future offspring. Potentially. Wicked Lovely, on the other hand, has had some interesting plot twists but as it takes half the time to read compared to Marillier, I find more of my mind power is spent on Ireland than the land of Faery. Alas.