128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Monday, September 2

I’m writing this one a little early in hopes I’ll be able to start up on post 128 about the entirety of my summer. Today was say goodbye (again) to people and drive home (again) and unpack (again). I feel like I’ve done this before……

Anyhow, I’ve completely unpacked (finally) and I think I might be ready to start tomorrow. Maybe not. It’s a little weird to be sitting here the night before everything hits. I’m tired and my finger tips still hurt a little, but it’s ok. I’m starting to feel the regular large dose of stress that comes with the rest of life, but as I can do nothing about that, I’m going to have to deal with it. Hopefully tomorrow will alleviate some of said stress. Once I get a week done, I think I’ll be good.

Anyway, this evening has basically just been spent getting ready for tomorrow and scheduling things. What a way to end it! I think I shall end by going and eating ice cream. Ice cream is a splendid way to end a summer.


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Sunday, September 1


Today was long day number 2. Take care of kids, do about a thousand bajillion harnesses, and kill my hands working bottom of zipline. Also, enjoy the moments of worthwhile conversation with other staff and the guests. Run back to the house to see cousins we hadn’t seen in years, and then go back for MOAR harnesses and things! Yes. That was my day. It’s good to be at camp, but I’m still slightly freaking out about school starting so soon. Summer is basically….over!

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Saturday, August 31

You know that awkward time when the schedule you were emailed isn’t the real schedule and you work earlier than you thought? That happened today. Luckily, I had showed up early to get a wristband and be official and things. Thus commences one SUPER  long day. I’m kind of tired of doing up harnesses, but it was fun to be able to spend time at camp with my cousin and a few friends. It’s always a good time, even when it’s not a good time at ALL. And my friend is sleeping over tonight! Super last minute: check. Didn’t ask permission: check. No one had a problem with it: check.

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Friday, August 30

Today I did lots of things. Started off by taking my sister to buy her textbooks, which resulted in me spending all of the money I could possibly spend in one day. Fantastic.

Secondly, I volunteered again! It was kind of nice to still be able to have some sort of a routine in my week, even if it IS the last week before school starts. It was the last time for most of the ones going off to school to hang out, so it was a little bitter sweet I think. Also I got schooled in Blokus. Really badly.

Thirdly, we drove to Michigan! Again! I’ll be working Saturday and Sunday and also my mom is visiting my grandma so it worked out splendidly. I’ll get to spend time with my cousin and friends and get paid. Yeeeee! However, on the drive down there was a massive storm and our new car is slightly (as in a lot) lighter than the old so it didn’t like wind. We had to stop on the side of the road for a little while but we made it through alive!

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Saturday, August 17

Today was day two of the family stay-cation and so we went to the butterfly conservatory at Niagara Falls! I have decided that butterflies are boring after about 15 minutes. However, we stayed much longer than that trying to get them to land on us. We did learn the art of getting them on your finger, and eventually one did land in a not awkward spot on my sister. yay butterflies!

Afterwards we did dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse place. It was a lot of food. At this point in the evening, I am still over-full, and I am tired. I love Niagara Falls (the falls part, not the tourist trap part), but it was cold by the time we got down to see them. Alas. I guess I’ll just have to try and go again some other time.

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Friday, August 16

Today we went to the zoo 😀 It was lovely. The giant pandas were fantastic. Also the orangutans. Also pretty much every animal that was there. Except the snakes. I didn’t look at the snakes. I was left exhausted though. Walking around for 6 hours in the heat looking at animals wears a body out!

I spent some time unpacking when I got home. I’m not completely done, but I’m close. Oh so very close. We also watched The Sound of Music, on which I have two thoughts. 1. Why does the intermission exist? 2. Uncle Max is legitimately more funny when you’re older and actually understand everything that he is saying.

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Thursday, August 15

Travel home day! It was a nice drive. I definitely missed my parents, and I definitely missed being able to talk with them. Also I missed being able to drive without people asking if my licence counts in the US.

I still haven’t unpacked…most of my things are strewn across my floor in a particularly untidy manner…but I’m happy to be home. Sleeping in my own bed sounds delightful right about now, and having ready internet access is also nice.

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Wednesday, August 14

Today I returned to camp to say goodbye to people. It was sad. But it was also happy. I’m sad to leave and not be able to see most of them ever again (and the ones that I will see again won’t be very often), but I also know that I will hold the memories dear in my heart. I’ve decided that I don’t want to look back on camp and be sad, I want to be able to look back and be happy at the memory. I don’t want to long for it to return, I want to remember it as a happy time that was a stepping stone in moving onto what God has in store for me today.

Also I got to partake in one last dance party because we were there over lunch hour. It was delightful to say the least. I will miss parts, but I will take them with me into “real life”

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Tuesday, August 13

This morning I wrote blog posts and made cookies ALL morning. They were all 128 days posts, so I’m now caught up! (Once I upload them that is). After that, I went with my cousin to Cadillac for a doctors appointment, which also involved stopping at McDonalds. Like any self-respecting 20 year old, I got a happy meal so I could get a Smurf toy; completely worth it. My happiness expounded upon receiving the happy meal. It was appropriately named. I think I will order happy meals for the rest of my life. There is high potential for this because A. money and B. portion size.

I also accompanied my grandma to the volunteer ice cream desert night at camp. It was kind of fun sort of. Mostly free food. Also, I got to play with the kids from yesterday again. They are still stinking cute.

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Monday, August 12

Today I spent the day with my grandma doing things. We cleaned church this morning, which was alright. I like spending time with her and being able to do things for her is nice. We didn’t do much for the afternoon, but then we went out for dinner at a friend’s house. Have I mentioned how much I like food that is not camp food? I also got my first sweet corn of the year!

To finish out strong we babysat some camp staff kids, who were adorable. I taught them how to make pop up cards, which they particularly liked. We also took them out for ice cream. I am reminded how nice kids can be when you only have a few, and not 17.