128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Friday, May 10

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Today was exciting/nervous for me because I had an interview with the DAM Ministries to see if I would maybe be volunteering with them this year. Nerve-wracking  Yes. As bad as I thought? No. Almost drive past the place? Sure did! Already wishing I had changed my answers in my interview? Of course.

But I’m excited. I have wanted to be involved with the DAM for a long time. I remember hearing about them from when I myself was a youth. It’s sort of cool that I could maybe use this time off from school to give back a little. Give back to other people and invest in people. It’s just hitting me that its CRAZY that I could have lived for so long … and not have done a lot for the kingdom. I feel guilty for taking so much time for myself and not giving away all that I have. I mean, I know I have given things away this year, mainly my time, but it hasn’t been close to home before.

I don’t know if this opportunity will work out for sure or not, but I’m willing to trust and give it a try, no matter HOW terrifying it is for me to meet new people, regardless of their age! I will not be afraid for God goes with and before me (Deut. 31:6).

Greek Textbook

I’ve also got my Greek textbook in the mail! :3 and my slackline is coming on Monday! Now no more buying anything for a few months … 


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