128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Saturday, June 29

Since I did so much yesterday, I figure I get the day off for long posts. Other than taking a nap and helping my sister’s mission team pack boxes of food and supplies to send up before they get there, I listened to this about a billion times. I quite like RK, and their new cd comes out next week! But I will be in Michigan for the week (so debatable on how the posts on here will come) so I have to wait until I get home. I’M SO EXCITED.

And the music video. I kinda like the song and the video. Growing on my significantly since the first listen.


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Friday, June 28

Some days I don’t do much. Other days, I do too much. Like today.

I made a mediocre apple crisp, so bypass that one. Then I went to see Epic with my mom and sister. It was pretty cheesy at times, and it was hilarious at times. It was fairly predictable, and it had a wonderful balance of magic, love, and loss. Overall my expectations were met. It should also be noted I really like children’s movies…

Next, however, came my second venture in the kitchen! I shall show you my images of how this desert thing went down.

Brownies with chocolate and mini PB cup pieces:

Brownie and Pieces

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie Layer

It totally spilled over during cooking, but … now I know better for next time (if there IS a next time).

Finished Desert

Haven’t tried one yet … letting it sit overnight and cool and things, but I’m kind of excited. If it’s bad I’ll be quite upset … but it’s just sugar. How can sugar NOT be good?

OH, and finished books 2 in the series … ONTO THE THIRDS

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Thursday, June 27

In my church two girls graduated grade 8 this week (and then my sister just finished high school). So to celebrate, I spent some good portions of today making cards and special treats for them. I chose to make the cards using calligraphy which required a search and destroy mission to FIND the fountain pens, but it was all worth it in the end I think. Perhaps this time around I’ll actually stick with it long enough to use the ink instead of it drying up in the pen…


And then the treats! Little graduation cap chocolate things. Someone gave me one when I graduated, so we thought we could spread the love with the simple things. And they’re pretty yummy too! (My apologies for the horrible photo quality)

Graduation Caps

Graduation Caps 2

In other news … halfway through Son of the Shadows and Ink Exchange in my double series reading spree. Juliet Marillier still wins, but I’m also biased so …..

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Wednesday, June 26

Today bootcamp went extremely short because only a few of us were able to make it out. How sad. However, to make up for it, we went to Tim Hortons ( aka AIR CONDITIONING because the church doesn’t have it on during the week) and played cards for 2 hours. Not too shabby a way to spend an afternoon if I do say so myself. We played crazy 8s a few times because it’s a nice classic, and then they started playing this game called “Big 2”. If you’ve heard of it, thats nice. If you haven’t, it’s like president, but with poker hands included, 2s are high, and because poker is a part of it, you can play same numbers as long as it goes up in suit value. I refused to play because too many new rules … and when I play a high card, I want it to be the high card, none of this ascending suit order business.

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Tuesday, June 25

Today I made brownies. omnomnomnomnomn. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I quadrupled the recipe instead of tripling it … but upon reflection that might be what my mom does usually anyway. Regardless, it’s always a good day when its a brownie day. Even if I don’t start making them until 8:30 at night. So here is my pan of unbaked brownies. Mmmmmmmmm…


In other news, went to central library to pick up the first book in the series I so skillfully grabbed all the other books in yesterday … but I had started reading a different one while waiting. So now I’m embracing the challenge of reading two series(es?) at the same time. I have picked up the “Wicked Lovely” series from the libraries, which is pretty decent, and I’m reading, yet again, the Sevenwaters Trilogy (and the following 3 sagas) by Juliet Marillier (who is quite potentially my favourite author right now) which is fantastic. I absolutely love it, and you should read them. Especially if you like stories based on Celtic/Irish folklore and the Tuatha Dé Danann like I do. To complete this challenge, I switch between books every few chapters or so.

Why read two series at once? Because reading one book at a time is so yesterday.

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Monday, June 24

Today was a great day because after 3 weeks my student finally showed glimpses of understanding eighth notes! I had tried all the different analogies I could think of … pizzas, pies (for some reason food usually works), drawing pictures, writing out the timing … nothing seemed to help him. To backtrack, it’s really hard to teach kids how eighth notes are half a beat when they haven’t learned fractions in school. It gives me a whole new appreciation for elementary math teachers.

Anyhow, today i tried by using a piece of paper we ripped in half that had eighth notes drawn on it. I don’t know why I didn’t go for the tangible lesson sooner, but it was like something clicked in his brain and he got it. I was so happy I can’t even tell you. Makes me happy to be a piano teacher again!

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Sunday, June 23

Today I partook in a progressive dinner with some of the youth at church. I went because I want to be trying to do stuff with the younger youth moving forward, and it was pretty fun. I think my favourite stop was desert because I’ve never been to a make-your-own-yogurt-thing store, and I’m a sucker for my sweet tooth. 

I was quite full by the time I finished … but that’s ok.

ALSO. I got to have my first glass of my rhubarb slush today! I’m fully aware I used a Christmas glass, but it was all I could find. Plus I had to use ginger ale instead of a lemon/lime based soda … but it was totally ok. I love summer drinks!

First Rhubarb Slush

A progressive dinner is where you go to different locations to eat each course of a meal. It can be done at people’s houses or, as we did today, various restaurants in one area.

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Saturday, June 22

Today was take two in the kitchen. As seasoned pros, we decided to stick with things we knew how to do. So …. I bring you: Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes with whipped cream, and a Spinach and Red Pepper Egg White Omelet! Not super fancy, but we aren’t hard to please after yesterday’s lemon tart.

We did other things too, but I didn’t take pictures, so we’ll just take this time to look at the picture below instead of listening to me rant about things we can’t see.

Hannah Breakfast

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Friday, June 21

I’m writing this the day after, because I went to a friends house for a sleep over (no, I am NOT too old to enjoy a good sleep over) and thus left my laptop at home, and could not blog about it. So here is your catch up.

We made a delicious pasta dish that was super yummy (cream of pesto with asparagus and corn), but we neglected to take a picture. We failed in that we made about 3 times as much as we needed to feed ourselves…but her family is gone for the week so she can just eat pasta for dinner everyday. NBD

We also tried to make a lemon tart from my cookbook I bought on wednesday. It sounded easy, but because it was a British recipe, we had to convert all the measurements and substitute ingredients becuase they don’t exist in Canada. Like castor sugar and double cream. The shell took us two times to do because it puffed up while baking the first time, and the second time it stuck to the weights holding it down (another pie plate) and there was a hole. Consequently, the filling flooded the whole pan.

It did not look good and was very, very lemony, but when covered in whipped cream, it was actually pretty good.

Takeaway? It was a fun time to spend together in the kitchen, even if it DID end up not turning out completely like we wanted. Nothing like good food (and making good food) to provoke good conversation.

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Thursday, June 20

Rhubarb is one of my favourite things ever. We used to have plants in our backyard when I was little, but ever since we moved to the city we just haven’t had any. And this year I took matters into my own hands and FOUND SOME 😀 (after a little hate session with Red Swiss Chard, which looks a little like rhubarb, the darn stuff).

So, I cleaning out Michael Angelo’s stock, and ended up with 8 cups of rhubarb. Perfect to make two batches of rhubarb slush (picture 1) and one rhubarb-strawberry pie (picture 2). The rhubarb slush is currently in the freezing stage … once it is frozen, you scoop a little out and pour 7-up on it. And it’s delicious. the pie, clearly, is done and cooling. I think I will have some for breakfast.

Rhubarb Slush

Rhubarb Pie

Best part? Rhubarb season has just begun! I CAN MAKE MOAR THINGS AND EAT IT FOR LONGER. I’m quite pleased.