128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Wednesday, May 22

Today I conquered a great fear of mine. I took the bus!

Ok, so it isn’t a huge fear, I don’t freak out at the thought of riding a method of public transportation. On the contrary, I find it relaxing to not have to really worry about driving/road conditions, and know I can’t do anything to rush the trip. It is a conquering-fear type thing because when riding the bus near my house, I had to fend off a rather overly-persistent guy who basically asked me to move in with him. I was 18 at the time (not that asking now would make it any less creepy), and, to be honest, it set a bad taste in my mouth for bussing around. Therefore, I’ve opted to get a ride from my parents when at all possible, even if it means getting somewhere a few hours early.

Anyhow, I took the bus and, as freaked out as I was, I ended up leaving an hour too early, and took an hour earlier train downtown, and got rained on. Le sigh. BUT the rain wasn’t very heavy, and I got to walk through the beautiful park I found last time I walked to Bootcamp-Small Group on a Wednesday.

Overall, it was not a horrible bus experience, and I think I might take it more often now.


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Tuesday, May 21

Lilacs, lilacs, lilacs!

I absolutely love this time of year because it is when the lilacs are in bloom! Lilacs are basically my favourite flower, even more than pansies (which I doubly love). I’ve been telling my parents that my dream is now to get married at this time of year, and my bridesmaids will carry down the aisle branches of lilac bushes and pussy willows.

lilacs pussy-willows-001
I can already see it, can you?

I went on a walk today to find all the lilac bushes I could find and just inhale deeply. It was glorious and peaceful. I also ran into some old friends from middle school I haven’t seen in …. probably 5-6 years. It was … way more awkward than it should have been. Oh well. You can’t win everything!

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Tuesday, May 7

Today was beautiful, so I decided to go for a walk after I did my little bit of Greek studying this morning. My tan was fantastic afterwards. I don’t understand how two days in the sun make this much of a difference in my tan lines, but apparently they do. Not that I’m complaining …

Anyhow, the walk was so that I could scout out potential slack line and hammock places. So it was exciting. I was a little worried that people were going to see me walking and think I was crazy for walking up to trees and trying to guess their diameter … but I don’t think I freaked TOO many people out …

The best part of this walk was actually not finding trees that I think will work (though I did find some), it was walking these paths I haven’t been on in ages. Being gone for the last two summers, I didn’t frequent the parks around my house very much, but today I did. I walked ways I haven’t gone in a long time, and remembered some pretty strange things I did as a child. The most startling realization as I walked around (this is weird, ok?) was that everything I thought was HUGE as a child was actually … pretty small.

Do you know how when you were younger, things seemed large? The slide at the park was super big, trees were gigantic, and distances were measured in Mr. DressUp shows (at least for me) when driving, and when walking things took forever. Well … it didn’t take near as long as I remember walking to my elementary school took. I guess my legs grew a bit! But the most startling thing that I used to think was big was this one curb. I remember biking to school and having to walk my bike over the bump. The first day I rode over it I felt so big and accomplished. I took a picture today to remember how … actually tiny it is. It’s sort of pathetic really…

Tiny Curb
Pathetic, I know

However pathetic my former self was, it reminded me that God is bigger than my problems. yea, right now they look huge, I have to walk my bike over them or I’m stuck and don’t know how to get out … but God see’s my problems (similar to how my parents saw this curb) and sees it as a little teeny tiny bump. It reminds me about how I’m supposed to trust.

Trust unconditionally.