128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Friday, July 5

Today we spent time helping out with lost and found at camp (volunteering), which I’ve done before and mostly did just for an excuse to be able to walk around camp with a visitor badge. But I did my fair share of work to get that badge!

It was especially nice because I finally got to go back to my camp centre and see some of the people I really wanted to see. I also did my super informal returner interview thing and I’m going back to camp! AHHHHHHH! Starting on the 14th and then seeing how it goes from then on … I’m so excited. I haven’t felt this confident and actually at peace and excited about a decision I’ve made so far this summer. I’m actually excited for what God has in store for me for the first time in a long while. I’m confident, and it feels good. I feel like I might have something to learn … and I look forward to it, even if it’s hard.

Extra bonus? Got my letter! Apparently it was put in the mail without a stamp, returned, and then picked up by another guy who gave it to me today. Icing on the cake. Like really.

Ooooo. And my closest cousin came back to visit today. It’s always nice to get to see him when we visit.


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Wednesday, July 3

Today I saw my lovely friends and it was great to catch up over food. Food is always good, and with people, it’s even better. Then they took me to camp to get to see more people! It was super bitter sweet, and I was kicking myself for not returning. It just felt like home in it’s own special way.

Moving forward, we went to a figure eight race (which was ok) and to the fireworks. They brought in an Eagles tribute band which was pretty sweet, and then who doesn’t like fireworks? They were pretty good (well they always are) so I left wholly satisfied.

Best part? I talked to the program director for camp and he emailed the director of the camp centre I worked at to let them know I was interested in coming back for a bit! I can’t decide how I completely feel about this yet … but I’m expectant.

Now I’m going to try and finish books 4~


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Tuesday, July 2

The highlight of this day, would be the part where I dropped by camp to see some people. The downside was that I didn’t actually get to see very many people, but the upside was that i planned a get together with some friends who have a day off tomorrow! Kind of really excited to see the two girls and hang out etc. I was also planning on picking up a letter my friend said they left for me … but it seemed to have been misplaced. Which is sad. And wouldn’t you know it, today it was raining. I believe that is regarded as poetic justice!

Starting the books 4 today. For Sevenwaters Trilogy, that just means the books after it…a second trilogy! Yeeeeeee. It’s called “Heir to Sevenwaters”. And it has a pronunciation guide. alkgjhslkjfgnaf. YES.

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Saturday, June 15

Today I did this super cool thing called a Settlers of Catan tournament. it was a fundraiser for my sister’s mission trip, and I ended up going by chance because there were extra seats. It was great to see people I haven’t seen in a long time (they got taller) but also kind of sad because I remembered all of them, but I feel like they just vaguely recalled who I was (it was all people from the church my church planted from 6 years ago, to help your confusion).

Regardless, I managed to win the whole thing?!?!?!?!?! No idea how that works. But here is my super awesome nerdy prize! Apparently I’m better at this game than I thought I was …. I’ve won 3 of the last 5 games I’ve played. I should stop while I’m ahead.

Settlers Hat

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Friday, May 31

Today was, again, super hot. But instead of hammocking, I went on a picnic with my friend! It was splendid to catch up with her over some delicious food (see below), and honestly it wasn’t that dreadful in the shade. I absolutely love spending time one on one with people. It’s just nice to be able to talk and hear each other … and then to be able to be silent and just enjoy the river (we also went on a delightful walk).

picnic 2

(Also, I’ve clearly been reading Anne of Avonlea now because I’m still using big fantastical words … perhaps this will subside when I finish the rest of the books … we shall see.)

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Sunday, May 19

Three Things:

1. Good message. I really enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I was going to. He was speaking on some verses in 1 Timothy 6 with the purpose of showing how we are to share amongst believers. The concept was two-fold. First off, we should be content in what God as given us, needing only God food and clothing, because we both come into and out of the world with nothing (6-9). In addition, everything that we do have is purely a gift from God while we’re here (17-19). If it doesn’t belong to us anyway, why would we have qualms about giving it away? We wouldn’t. It was definitely something to digest for a while.

2. Seeing old friends. I surely wasn’t expecting to run into a camp friend today, especially the one I did. I realize the camp is in the same town as the church and my family, but it was a blessing to run into him anyway (he was a counsellor of mine 3 years ago and is still working). Camp people just always are good run-ins because pretty much all the memories you have are good ones, and seeing them reminds you of those good memories

3. Slackline. I taught my sister and my other two cousins how you’re supposed to slackline. I say “how you’re supposed to” because they can’t do it yet. I, personally, have finally mastered the “step up” and can take about one step. Yay! (I also got in a good hour of hammocking. It was delightful.)

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Thursday, May 16

So apparently on my summer list of things I’m doing I should include “see ALL the summer must-see action movies!”

Yup you guessed it, today I got to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was completely last minute, but it was good. I was wholly satisfied with the amount of explosions, dialogue, philosophy, complexities, and costume accuracy. I’m not really a trekkie as I have only seen a few original episodes, but I still enjoy a good sci-fi (I’m more of a Star Wars/LOTR fan myself). The only thing I would have rather liked to see was Uhura participate in more action. I just feel like she could be a really good fighter, given the chance. I’m also trying super hard not to give away any spoilers, so I’ll keep my other comments to myself.


Before the movie I also got to go to my old high school and see most of the groups perform. As I said with the last concert, I love hearing old songs reprised with new people, and seeing old friends (and in this case teachers). It is always a joyful experience to go back, and I fully expect to continue to do so for at least two more years, if not more. I’m hoping more.

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Tuesday, May 14

Today was a day of epic commuting proportions.

AKA: I spent at least 6 hours today traveling from one point to another on busses or in cars. It was all worth it though to have some fellowship with my dear friends and celebrate a birthday. But from now on I call meeting halfway. The commute was ridiculous even with someone picking us up part of the way there (even if the bus DID get a flat tire at one point).

Another plus was that I got to go to Pacific Mall for the first time EVER. It was slightly exciting. I think it was over-hyped, but you know what? I can say I at least went now. I couldn’t say that before! I can’t say as I’m planning on going back any time soon, it’s a little far (by which I mean REALLY far). However, the bubble tea was just as nice as the stuff I get around here, and the bubble waffles were quite splendid indeed (think inverted waffles). It was a “bubbly” day ;D

Regardless, I think the highlight was actually the commuting because of the fellowship. Especially the return trip. I am so thankful for sisters who I can talk and share with and encourage on the journey! It is always an encouragement to hear that others are/have struggling/ed with similar things, and to hear how they are working through them. I’m so thankful for family to walk this road with!

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Wednesday, May 8

Today I started going to a Bible study that actually has turned out to be more of a class with CCF. However, since I’m going to be doing this every week for the rest of the summer … I’m going to digress and talk about the OTHER things I did today too!

Most notably, I helped clean our office. Sadly, we didn’t qualify for our own office next year so we had to clean everything out. We’re sharing, but haven’t been able to contact the people we’re sharing with. It was SO depressing to see everything packed up in bags for moving … I spent so long decorating the office! But it was also kind of nice … it closed the chapter for me at least. New things are coming, and I’m not on committee. Seeing all my things I did would have been a lot to take in every day when not a part of  leading anymore.

Anyhow, afterwards I decided to stay and watch … the Leafs Game. Why? Well … I missed people. Otherwise, I mean the Leafs are great and all (… uh … did I really just say that?) but the Hawks are my team, as I like to say. Although … I know nothing about how they’re doing … I’m just not a sports person. For some reason the school pub was half empty, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as the last game I watched in a pub … I’ll just wait for the Winter Olympics to come again this winter and watch some Canada-US action there. (SIDE NOTE: I finally caught up on the worlds figure skating earlier … clearly I didn’t blog about it that day. Why, I don’t know. I ALSO SAW STARS ON ICE ON THE 27 AND IT WAS FANTASTIC. I DIDN’T START BLOGGING UNTIL AFTER SO I DIDN’T WRITE ABOUT IT BUT IT WAS SO FANTASTIC. I LOVE PATRICK CHAN)

Anyhow, now that that is out of the way, I think that is about it for my Wednesday. To keep up with the reading plan that is a part of the quasi class thing I’m taking, you can check out my blog, Padigrumae.

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Friday, May 3

Today was FANTASTIC because I got to pull out my hammock for the first time this year! It is also the picture on the header of the blog.

I’m so happy I can’t even begin to tell you.

I went out today to hammock and slackline with my friend. I’ve never slacklined before, but I was like “hey. No big deal. Looks easy!” Boy was I wrong …. I guess it’s actually kind of difficult to balance oneself on a piece of webbing tied between two trees. Go figure. Well, hard before practicing extensively (which I still have to do).


Anyhow, I watched her set up the slackline, toiling and things, from my own lovely, wonderful, fantastic hammock:


I realize this picture is not the best, and that it doesn’t particularly look wonderful, but let me tell you. That nest of parachute-like cloth is so comfortable and amazing … yea its great. You should really get a hammock!

Anyway, I rather enjoyed the slackline experience (partially because first we went to McDonalds to get milkshakes), but also because it reminded me of the “steps of faith” we have to do in life. Stepping up onto the slackline was terrifying for me the first time. I counted myself down from 3 about 10 times before I built up the courage to just go for it.

I didn’t die. (clearly)

That first step up took so much faith in the webbing that it wasn’t going to break, and that I would be able to step off if I couldn’t do it. But I was fine! It is similar to my walk with God. I sit there on the balance beam I think he’s asking me to walk across, and I hold on for dear life instead of trusting him and walking (excellent Francis Chan illustration, just had to use it). That first step (or second … or fiftieth…) step into the unknown “realms” He is calling me into is frightening, but I can choose to trust that he will hold me, I don’t even have to worry about stepping off because he is holding my hands!

And for those of you wondering …. this is what slacklining looks like when you can actually do it …

slackline 2