128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Wednesday, July 3

Today I saw my lovely friends and it was great to catch up over food. Food is always good, and with people, it’s even better. Then they took me to camp to get to see more people! It was super bitter sweet, and I was kicking myself for not returning. It just felt like home in it’s own special way.

Moving forward, we went to a figure eight race (which was ok) and to the fireworks. They brought in an Eagles tribute band which was pretty sweet, and then who doesn’t like fireworks? They were pretty good (well they always are) so I left wholly satisfied.

Best part? I talked to the program director for camp and he emailed the director of the camp centre I worked at to let them know I was interested in coming back for a bit! I can’t decide how I completely feel about this yet … but I’m expectant.

Now I’m going to try and finish books 4~



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Saturday, June 22

Today was take two in the kitchen. As seasoned pros, we decided to stick with things we knew how to do. So …. I bring you: Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes with whipped cream, and a Spinach and Red Pepper Egg White Omelet! Not super fancy, but we aren’t hard to please after yesterday’s lemon tart.

We did other things too, but I didn’t take pictures, so we’ll just take this time to look at the picture below instead of listening to me rant about things we can’t see.

Hannah Breakfast

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Friday, June 21

I’m writing this the day after, because I went to a friends house for a sleep over (no, I am NOT too old to enjoy a good sleep over) and thus left my laptop at home, and could not blog about it. So here is your catch up.

We made a delicious pasta dish that was super yummy (cream of pesto with asparagus and corn), but we neglected to take a picture. We failed in that we made about 3 times as much as we needed to feed ourselves…but her family is gone for the week so she can just eat pasta for dinner everyday. NBD

We also tried to make a lemon tart from my cookbook I bought on wednesday. It sounded easy, but because it was a British recipe, we had to convert all the measurements and substitute ingredients becuase they don’t exist in Canada. Like castor sugar and double cream. The shell took us two times to do because it puffed up while baking the first time, and the second time it stuck to the weights holding it down (another pie plate) and there was a hole. Consequently, the filling flooded the whole pan.

It did not look good and was very, very lemony, but when covered in whipped cream, it was actually pretty good.

Takeaway? It was a fun time to spend together in the kitchen, even if it DID end up not turning out completely like we wanted. Nothing like good food (and making good food) to provoke good conversation.

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Thursday, June 20

Rhubarb is one of my favourite things ever. We used to have plants in our backyard when I was little, but ever since we moved to the city we just haven’t had any. And this year I took matters into my own hands and FOUND SOME 😀 (after a little hate session with Red Swiss Chard, which looks a little like rhubarb, the darn stuff).

So, I cleaning out Michael Angelo’s stock, and ended up with 8 cups of rhubarb. Perfect to make two batches of rhubarb slush (picture 1) and one rhubarb-strawberry pie (picture 2). The rhubarb slush is currently in the freezing stage … once it is frozen, you scoop a little out and pour 7-up on it. And it’s delicious. the pie, clearly, is done and cooling. I think I will have some for breakfast.

Rhubarb Slush

Rhubarb Pie

Best part? Rhubarb season has just begun! I CAN MAKE MOAR THINGS AND EAT IT FOR LONGER. I’m quite pleased.

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Sunday, June 16

Happy Fathers Day!

To celebrate today, my family went to Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. It’s in Hamilton, and while it isn’t the same as Gino’s, Uno’s, or my family’s homemade (ok, that one’s slightly biased) deep dish pizza, it was still pretty good. They were featured on “You Gotta Eat Here” so, of course, we had to check them out.

If you still haven’t figured out what exactly Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is and you don’t really feel like Googling it yourself, here’s a picture:



Wednesday, June 12

Today was like most other Wednesdays have been – Bootcamp followed by hanging out followed by dinner. Yes for epic things.

For hanging out I went to Kensington Market for the first time! My friend took me to a ridiculously wonderfully quant coffee shop: Jimmies (I think?); and it was a definite hipster hangout. So it must be good – right?

Mostly though, today, I would like to share my genius-ness in how I chose to order my meal this evening. APPETIZER AND SOUP. Yea. Best.of.both.worlds. A pile of sweet potato fries all for myself plus a bowl of french onion soup (not the best … next time i’m going for a different kind). But like … why have I not thought of this before? Yummy food for same price as entree, I was full, AND I had leftovers to share with my mom to make up for taking a later train than usual. #winning


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Friday, May 31

Today was, again, super hot. But instead of hammocking, I went on a picnic with my friend! It was splendid to catch up with her over some delicious food (see below), and honestly it wasn’t that dreadful in the shade. I absolutely love spending time one on one with people. It’s just nice to be able to talk and hear each other … and then to be able to be silent and just enjoy the river (we also went on a delightful walk).

picnic 2

(Also, I’ve clearly been reading Anne of Avonlea now because I’m still using big fantastical words … perhaps this will subside when I finish the rest of the books … we shall see.)

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Monday, April 29

Today, though its not the first day I’m counting for this blog, is the first day I got to spend at home ALL DAY and do whatever I want … ALL DAY (Except when I had to work). So what did I do? I did what every aspiring, energetic, go-getter, 20-year-old university student on summer break does: I slept in until 8:30, didn’t do anything on my to do list, and made muffins.

As weird as it may sound that my first order of business was to make muffins…baking is a way for me to symbolize having time. I love to bake things (especially when I give them away!), and this was a recipe off weight watchers and I was rather intrigued. SO…..I bring you ….. Apple Oat Muffins!

Apple Oat Muffins


They taste particularly good warmed up in the microwave with a tiny bit of butter melted on top. Since no one else in my family will be eating them I had to put half in the freezer for later.

Today I also went to buy prizes for my piano students! If they practice 5 times a week for a month they get to pick a prize from my prize box…and the box was empty…so I needed prizes. I’m super excited to see how  many of them followed through. It has been one of my favourite things as a teacher to see my students take control of their own learning experience and be involved and want to practice. I’m amazed at their progress since I introduced this reward system.

I don’t particularly have my list of things I want to do this summer nailed down yet … but I fully expect to do that…next week. As the Nestle commercial on Pandora tells me, summer is about road trips with friends, taking my time, and “raising a cone to summer” (aka eating ice cream). Not a bad idea…the ice cream part that is. So until next time, I’m going to go eat a muffin