128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Thursday, May 23

Today I worked on making a gift for my friend (who has coincidentally become my pen pal) as she is moving to Indonesia to teach for two years! I’m super excited for her … except she’s leaving to go to Indonesia. Indonesia is very far away you know. My postage costs are going to go up! All…..like few dollars … so not a huge deal.

Anyway, her mantra lately has been to “be brave” and to trust God as He leads her onto these adventures. So … I made her a bookmark of it!

Be Brave

On the note of pen pals, I’m a rather large advocate of letter writing. I think that letters are a fantastic way to A. Keep in contact with people, B. Make people feel special. Keeping on contact via email is nice, but I always feel like i have to respond right away or I’m doing something wrong. Yes, I have to wait for a letter, but I know when I get it it will be full of all sorts of updates and not just small chatter. Also, you can include cool things in letters, like bookmarks!

I actually keep a box of all the letters/notes I’ve been sent or given. It’s super special to me, and sometimes I sit down and go through it. Those mean so much to me, and I can open the box and look at them. Re-read all of them. There are no junk fliers or work documents, it is just correspondence and encouragement. And I love that we can do that with the written word.

And that is enough of my ramblings on letter writing! So stop reading the blog, and go write someone a letter :]


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Saturday, May 11

Today was the day I FINALLY finished all my cross stitch pieces for church! I’ve been working on these for two weeks … and I’m really glad I got them done because I was getting to the point where I just did not want to see another piece of thread for a good month. I hate deadlines …. when I get tired of working on things that is. I’m also exhausted and need to sleep, but this was just exciting :]

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Monday, May 6

Today is the day … I decided to start learning Greek! Not normal Greek, New Testament Greek. Why you ask? Because I want to, and then I can study my Bible deeper myself. So far … I can write the letters …. not very good. Well I copied from a chart once, but my dad said I needed to learn how to write them properly so that I don’t spend 5 hours writing one word…He’s probably right. This chart took a while.


But look how pretty it is! I’m so excited…

In addition to that fantastic alphabet I started teaching myself, I worked on some cross stitch things for church … I’ll talk more about those when I actually FINISH. However, what is more exciting is that I started working on my tan! 😀 I’m not working at camp this summer … So I won’t be outside all day every day soaking up Vitamin D and getting all golden brown, so now I have to actually plan it into my day … which is weird. But it’s also kind of nice

I’m starting to finally get into the swing of not having a lot to do. It’s starting to get easier to fill my days with things, and I find that filling the time with things that I want to do is really satisfying once the day is over. I know that I’ve accomplished things, and its wonderfully relaxing. Hopefully it will last!

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Wednesday, May 1

So I know I said that I was only going to be talking about one thing a day … but there were TWO things I did today that were pretty cool (for me at least?).


I finished my Dog and Cat Cross Stitch! This is actually a huge deal. I love doing cross stitching and embroidery things, and I have since about second grade. The thing is … for a couple years there I got a TON of kits and things for latch hook rugs, cross stitching, and embroidery. These last few breaks I’ve had from school I’ve decided that its time to finish them all. I’ve finished the pillowcases I’ve had forever, a cat picture (which is adorable) and today I finished this cat and dog one!

This is not just an accomplishment for the fact that I actually finished something, but that I had to do about 50 french knots and so now I can actually DO them (I’ve always just asked my mom to do them before this…). So I basically just sat in front of the tv and cross stitched all day until I was done. And then I started the next one. If I ever actually finish it … I’m sure I’ll post about it!

Cat and Dog Cross Stitch
It’s a bigger picture…because I finally charged my camera battery and stopped cheating and using my phone…

Yup. It’s adorable.


My sisters are still in high school and thus in school (the poor dears) but their music night was tonight! I love music, having been a band geek myself. The extra bonus here is that they go to the school of the arts (aka their school has “majors” like in university. think Glee for bands, choir, art, drama, and dance). Anyway, it was a wonderful concert, and I enjoyed every moment. It made me THAT much more excited for my own high school concert I’m going to in two weeks.

I particularly love it when a group does a song a sang or played once. It brings back so many good memories, and just makes my heart happy. I’m so thankful for the opportunities I got in high school … and now I just really REALLY wish my university had a band! I’m sure I’ll get over it in a day or two …