128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Friday, June 28

Some days I don’t do much. Other days, I do too much. Like today.

I made a mediocre apple crisp, so bypass that one. Then I went to see Epic with my mom and sister. It was pretty cheesy at times, and it was hilarious at times. It was fairly predictable, and it had a wonderful balance of magic, love, and loss. Overall my expectations were met. It should also be noted I really like children’s movies…

Next, however, came my second venture in the kitchen! I shall show you my images of how this desert thing went down.

Brownies with chocolate and mini PB cup pieces:

Brownie and Pieces

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cookie Layer

It totally spilled over during cooking, but … now I know better for next time (if there IS a next time).

Finished Desert

Haven’t tried one yet … letting it sit overnight and cool and things, but I’m kind of excited. If it’s bad I’ll be quite upset … but it’s just sugar. How can sugar NOT be good?

OH, and finished books 2 in the series … ONTO THE THIRDS


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Thursday, June 6

Today was a rainy, blustery kind of day … so I stayed inside and did what any 20 year old girl (lately I’ve been wondering if I should start referring to myself as woman?) would do – baked cookies. I’ve had a strong hankering for peanut butter cookies for a few days, so I was happy to oblige the hankering, and I must say my family is also pleased with the results of my baking explorations!

When I make peanut butter cookies I always make them in two ways because my grandmothers made them different ways … and thus my parents like different “styles”. I’m partial to parts of both, so I gladly make both kinds. Today I was feeling extra ambitious, so i tried a few other variations as well.

1. Crinkle top/soft cookies rolled in sugar: My dad’s favourite (I’m a sucker for things completely rolled in sugar…)

PB Cookie 1 PB Cookie 2

2. Chewy+crispy/criss cross top cookies with sugar on top: My mother’s favourite (the criss cross thing just always makes me think “peanut butter cookies” …)

PB Cookie 3 PB Cookie 4

3. Hershey’s Drop: They were starting to get stale, and I was inspired by those kisses ones.

PB Cookie 5 PB Cookie 6

4. Surprise: there are M&Ms in there, I promise. and the nest ones have them clearly visible 🙂

PB Cookies 7

Overall, I think it was a rather successful cookie making adventure in the kitchen. Hopefully my family & my guests on Saturday will enjoy them!