128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Friday, August 30

Today I did lots of things. Started off by taking my sister to buy her textbooks, which resulted in me spending all of the money I could possibly spend in one day. Fantastic.

Secondly, I volunteered again! It was kind of nice to still be able to have some sort of a routine in my week, even if it IS the last week before school starts. It was the last time for most of the ones going off to school to hang out, so it was a little bitter sweet I think. Also I got schooled in Blokus. Really badly.

Thirdly, we drove to Michigan! Again! I’ll be working Saturday and Sunday and also my mom is visiting my grandma so it worked out splendidly. I’ll get to spend time with my cousin and friends and get paid. Yeeeee! However, on the drive down there was a massive storm and our new car is slightly (as in a lot) lighter than the old so it didn’t like wind. We had to stop on the side of the road for a little while but we made it through alive!


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Wednesday, June 19

Today I spent some time downtown to kill time away from the house and to meet up with the new “advisors” for CCF. As a former leader I was supposed to tell them about my experience. I can only hope I was interesting enough … aha …

However, during my burning time I spent like … an hour in the Indigo. It was bad (because I spent money). I found this beautiful $5 cookbook based off a really old British one on sale because the sleeve was getting mucked up. Totally worth it in my book. I also got some pretty cards to replenish my stock after sending those 12 cards earlier this week. I’m super excited to use them 😀

I also picked up the T Swizzle “Red” album. So worth it. I’m listening to it right now. Do not judge me.

My favourite thing I picked up though, was a book called “You are Already Amazing” by Holley Gerth. I almost started crying in public when I read the forward. Like lots of people, I struggle with desiring to be enough, do enough, know enough … etc. But the book is based on the premise that I am more than enough in Christ. As much as I hate to admit it, I really needed the book right now. I’m it’s super interesting. I’m glad I picked it up.

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Tuesday, June 18

Today was another hammocking day and progressing through my library books. It was quite enjoyable, and I only had one person creepily ask if I needed a push. Uh … no. Thank you. The wind is sufficient.

In regards to books, which is what I seem to be talking a lot about, I read the third instalment of these books taht weren’t exactly a series, but were all about some of the same people and written by the same person. They weren’t half bad actually. Bewitching Season, Betraying Season, and then today’s Courtship and Curses. Not bad at all.

I picked up the other book at the library because I distinctly remembered reading it in sixth grade, but I just could not remember what it was about. It’s called “Once Upon a Marigold”, and it was a nice little read. Completely juvenile in it’s detailing and humour (I spent half an hour relaying the horrible pun jokes to my friend), and as I read it it slowly came back to me. Oddly enough there was one part about silverware and knowing which one to use … ok if you read it you know what I’m talking about, it has occasionally just popped up in my head and I couldn’t remember where it was from. Now I know. It was kind of fun to take a walk down memory lane with the book though.

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Monday, June 17

2 things.

1. I have discovered I am hopelessly addicted to the written word. Be it books (aka the library that I visited again … our relationship is getting serious) or letters, I love it all. This realization came based on the fact that in addition to another library trip, I also mailed 12 letters today. This is a new record for my life. I’m not sure how good it is for me but the postal system must love me. I can only hope I get a few responses. But we shall see.

2. I took my sister to get her student card from UTM today. It’s so weird to see her growing up and doing these things that I did two years ago. Albeit, she goes about it a little differently and her school does stuff strangely, but I think she’ll enjoy university life next year. Once she figures out the way around the campus that is (did I mention it’s a pretty campus? SO much nicer than Ryerson. I mean, Rye has it’s charms, but honestly. Concrete can only be enhanced so much by green. Green itself is much nicer.).

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Friday, June 14

I started my third trilogy today. Completely by accident. I blame cover artists who refuse to put “book one” or “_____ trillogy” on the cover. Like … come on. 3 in 4 days is ridiculous.

To release my pent up frustration etc. I made 6 books today! They’re all the same and they were pretty simple to make. They are all just a single signature sewn into the cover, but it’s useful that way. I’m going to use them to hold memory verses and Greek vocab etc. to help with learning this summer. They turned out pretty nice, no?


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Tuesday, June 11

There’s not too many things I dislike more than cracking open a book, getting into the book, and realizing in the last 50 pages that there is no way the author is going to end this book by the time the pages run out. There must be (dun dun dunnnn) a SEQUEL … or two or three ….

Don’t get me wrong, I like me a good series to keep me going. There is much more room for complexities and character and relationship developments etc. But when I pick up a book in the library, I kind of expect it to say, broadcasted across the top BOOK ONE OF THE ______ TRILOGY or something so I know what I’m getting myself into. The feeling of ending a book and literally being left with no resolutions at all (seriously, both books I read today were like this) makes me REALLY angry. To make matters worse, said trilogies are either not complete or the library doesn’t have all of them. ARGH. Looks like a couple trips to Chapters are in order.

Have I mentioned that though this is disappointing, I really like to read? Because I do.

Oh, and the books I’m ranting about (just so you can continue to follow my trek through youth fiction):

1. The Gathering – Kelley Armstrong (surprisingly interesting and catching)

2. Sweet Venom – Tera Lynn Childs (simple, really … I just want to know how it ends (this is why I finished Twilight). Suspense kills me.)