128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Thursday, May 23

Today I worked on making a gift for my friend (who has coincidentally become my pen pal) as she is moving to Indonesia to teach for two years! I’m super excited for her … except she’s leaving to go to Indonesia. Indonesia is very far away you know. My postage costs are going to go up! All…..like few dollars … so not a huge deal.

Anyway, her mantra lately has been to “be brave” and to trust God as He leads her onto these adventures. So … I made her a bookmark of it!

Be Brave

On the note of pen pals, I’m a rather large advocate of letter writing. I think that letters are a fantastic way to A. Keep in contact with people, B. Make people feel special. Keeping on contact via email is nice, but I always feel like i have to respond right away or I’m doing something wrong. Yes, I have to wait for a letter, but I know when I get it it will be full of all sorts of updates and not just small chatter. Also, you can include cool things in letters, like bookmarks!

I actually keep a box of all the letters/notes I’ve been sent or given. It’s super special to me, and sometimes I sit down and go through it. Those mean so much to me, and I can open the box and look at them. Re-read all of them. There are no junk fliers or work documents, it is just correspondence and encouragement. And I love that we can do that with the written word.

And that is enough of my ramblings on letter writing! So stop reading the blog, and go write someone a letter :]