128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Sunday, August 25

I feel like I accomplished a lot today. I managed to finish cleaning my whole room and find places for all the things I have. Hopefully it will be functional as well … but I’m just pleased that I managed to get everything to fit. I even cleaned my closet for the first time in about 5+ years! Granted, I still have to buy textbooks and find a place for THOSE, but lets not talk about that right now.

This morning was wonderful though. Highlight of the day. Leading out on Sunday was…definitely harder than I thought it would be. But it was also really cool to see God pull everything together and make the day his and not mine. From the number of curve balls we were thrown, I think it’s clear that God was showing me to let go and worship him myself instead of worrying about all the other things. Would I be open to doing something like that again? Yes. Seeing God glorified and giving others the opportunity to glorify him is something I would like to see happen again.


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Sunday, August 18

Today was the first day back at church! It was really cool because we had 11 baptisms. count them – 11. It was beautiful to see all the things God has been doing while I’ve been gone. It was also beautiful to see the kids and adults alike professing love for Christ and being thankful for his¬†presence¬†in their lives. Most assuredly inspiring and a great reminder of what it looks like when faith is blossoming.

Afterwards, i was able to spend some time with some high school friends. It was a great afternoon of reconnecting and catching up, and really just being us. I missed the friendship we had, and it was nice to rekindle it a little bit. Also swimming.

To finish up, i was able to skype with a friend from camp. I loved being able to see her face again, but also be able to continue our haphazard friendship-discipleship-mentor thing we’ve got going on. Yay friends ūüôā

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Sunday, June 23

Today I partook in a progressive dinner with some of the youth at church. I went¬†because¬†I want to be trying to do stuff with the younger youth moving forward, and it was pretty fun. I think my favourite stop was desert because I’ve never been to a make-your-own-yogurt-thing store, and I’m a sucker for my sweet tooth.¬†

I was quite full by the time I finished … but that’s ok.

ALSO. I got to have my first glass of my rhubarb slush today! I’m fully aware I used a Christmas glass, but it was all I could find. Plus I had to use ginger ale instead of a lemon/lime based soda … but it was totally ok. I love summer drinks!

First Rhubarb Slush

A progressive dinner is where you go to different locations to eat each course of a meal. It can be done at people’s houses or, as we did today, various restaurants in one area.

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Sunday, May 19

Three Things:

1. Good message. I really enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I was going to. He was speaking on some verses in 1 Timothy 6 with the purpose of showing how we are to share amongst believers. The concept was two-fold. First off, we should be content in what God as given us, needing only God food and clothing,¬†because¬†we both come into and out of the world with nothing (6-9). In addition, everything that we do have is purely a gift from God while we’re here (17-19). If it doesn’t belong to us¬†anyway, why would we have qualms about giving it away? We wouldn’t. It was¬†definitely¬†something to digest for a while.

2. Seeing old friends. I surely wasn’t expecting to run into a camp friend today,¬†especially¬†the one I did. I realize the camp is in the same town as the church and my family, but it was a blessing to run into him anyway (he was a¬†counsellor¬†of mine 3 years ago and is still working). Camp people just always are good run-ins because pretty much all the memories you have are good ones, and seeing them reminds you of those good memories

3. Slackline. I taught my sister and my other two cousins how you’re supposed to slackline. I say “how you’re supposed to”¬†because¬†they can’t do it yet. I, personally, have finally mastered the “step up” and can take about one step. Yay! (I also got in a good hour of hammocking. It was delightful.)

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Sunday, May 12


Today I got to celebrate my wonderful mother, who has helped me through every up, down, and ….well basically every day of my¬†existence¬† if you think about it…

First, following the age old tradition, I made a breakfast (did not take a picture) of Reese Puff muffins. It was not as good as best case scenario, but you know what? It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. All in all a success.

Church is always a plus on Mothers day because it’s wonderful to be able to celebrate all the mothers in my church family. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if it wasn’t for all the other moms I had in addition to mine (but my biased opinion is obviously that mine is best).

I also rapped at church today. I know, I know, I don’t exactly seem¬†like the rapping type, but I can do it! Sort of… We do the song “Awake My Soul” by Tomlin and I do the harmony and Lecrae parts (woman of many talents?). It’s fine … but on the SWAG-O-Meter I rank about -5, so its just a little … ahh …….. you know, it just doesn’t fit very well. But all glory to God!

The biggest thing we were going to do for my mom was have an ice cream feast. But then we went out for lunch after church and were full … so we just had a tiny bit afterwards when she opened her mini ice cream sandwich maker. Then we were going to have it for dinner, but my dad wanted something substantial (go figure) so we each had a whole small-pizza-thing and watched The Italian Job … and then we were full again. The Italian Job is one of my favourite movies, so I was pleased with the selection.

Mothers Day Pizza
we were so into getting to watch the movie we definitely just used cardboard instead of plates

Ice cream party coming soon to a household near you?

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Saturday, May 11

Today was the day I FINALLY finished all my cross stitch pieces for church! I’ve been working on these for two weeks … and I’m really glad I got them done because I was getting to the point where I just did not want to see another piece of thread for a good month. I hate deadlines …. when I get tired of working on things that is. I’m also exhausted and need to sleep, but this was just exciting :]

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