128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

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Wednesday, August 28

I took my sister downtown with me today to get our hair cut. It was kind of fun. We were super early though so just killed time walking around. Said haircut is nice, but I still feel like I’m missing some of my hair. Now to grow it ALL back!

It was also the annual scavenger hunt with CCF, which was pretty fun. The new first years who came out seemed to enjoy themselves and they seem like nice people. Hopefully they continue to come back and we will get to know them more!

However, today real life hit me hard. I was tired when I finally got home and realized that being happy/energetic while around lots of people is really draining for me. Tomorrow will consist of some alone time, which will be good I think.


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Tuesday, August 27

Today I mostly just did little things around the house until I went out for the evening. Then I proceeded to get completely drenched when it opened up and poured and I didn’t have an umbrella. I was also slightly lost when I got off the subway. By slightly I mean I thought North was South, and thus went the wrong direction. This made said drenching worse. Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, but texting/operating a touch screen phone is very hard when your fingers are wet and becoming wrinkly.

Once I got to the house my meeting was at though, it was fine. I obtained a nice towel and they dried my sweater. Also it was a good time of fellowshipping and talking about the year for CCF.  While I’m glad I’m not on committee this year, it is still nice to know that planning is happening and there is excitement bubbling.

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Wednesday, August 21

Today was a super special day (for me) because I got to go back and reunite with my university friends at CCF! Woop! It was cool to go back and see people I haven’t seen in a while, to catch up, and to just be in community together. Ironically, the topical tonight WAS on community, so that was a nice way to jump into the school year.

Also, we went out for dinner and I got my Asian food fix for the week. Oh how I missed it at camp.

Speaking of school, IT STARTS SO SOON! AHHHHHHHHH. This summer has been full of many things so far, but I’m getting ahead of myself…the wrap up post will be the last one. Needless to say, I’m not completely ready for classes to start yet, but I hope that by the time I get to that point I will be. I may not have completed my summer goal list, but I think it was a good summer nonetheless.

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Wednesday, July 10

I’m exhausted, but here is todays shenanigans.

My sister and I watched another Bond movie – “You Only Live Twice” and let me tell you (spoiler alert) I was freaking out in the first scene when he fake dies. Like … what the heck? I get it was a plan, but still. Also. Why is he so …. stupid? I mean, you approach the girl who is smiling deviously as you edge closer. Clearly she wants you to come closer. I don’t understand how people can be that oblivious and still live through 50 years of spy movies. Come on.

In addition, today was the first summer meeting for CCF! Yay! It was great to see people again before I go back to camp. I especially liked getting to have a super quick catch up with a dear sister. I actually enjoyed the evening more than I thought I would, but that is totally ok with me. 

OH YES. I also signed my contract today! Officially going to camp, as long as I get my documents done on time! AHHHH!

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Wednesday, June 26

Today bootcamp went extremely short because only a few of us were able to make it out. How sad. However, to make up for it, we went to Tim Hortons ( aka AIR CONDITIONING because the church doesn’t have it on during the week) and played cards for 2 hours. Not too shabby a way to spend an afternoon if I do say so myself. We played crazy 8s a few times because it’s a nice classic, and then they started playing this game called “Big 2”. If you’ve heard of it, thats nice. If you haven’t, it’s like president, but with poker hands included, 2s are high, and because poker is a part of it, you can play same numbers as long as it goes up in suit value. I refused to play because too many new rules … and when I play a high card, I want it to be the high card, none of this ascending suit order business.

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Wednesday, June 19

Today I spent some time downtown to kill time away from the house and to meet up with the new “advisors” for CCF. As a former leader I was supposed to tell them about my experience. I can only hope I was interesting enough … aha …

However, during my burning time I spent like … an hour in the Indigo. It was bad (because I spent money). I found this beautiful $5 cookbook based off a really old British one on sale because the sleeve was getting mucked up. Totally worth it in my book. I also got some pretty cards to replenish my stock after sending those 12 cards earlier this week. I’m super excited to use them 😀

I also picked up the T Swizzle “Red” album. So worth it. I’m listening to it right now. Do not judge me.

My favourite thing I picked up though, was a book called “You are Already Amazing” by Holley Gerth. I almost started crying in public when I read the forward. Like lots of people, I struggle with desiring to be enough, do enough, know enough … etc. But the book is based on the premise that I am more than enough in Christ. As much as I hate to admit it, I really needed the book right now. I’m it’s super interesting. I’m glad I picked it up.

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Saturday, June 8

Hot Pot + Board Games + Deep Dish Pizza + Good Fellowship = Splendid Saturday (no pictures – sorry =/ )

I had friends over today, as I’ve been hinting at for the past few days, and it was wonderful. I haven’t seen some of them in a long time, and it was really really nice to be able to spend time with them. I had “old committee” over, aka the people I served the last year with at my school fellowship. While we didn’t do the debrief/warm fuzzies we had planned, it was good to just enjoy the friendships we created.

Hot pot was as authentic as possible in a caucasian home … so there were some definite caucasian tool twists. Like a melon scooper for fish paste (but it worked FANTASTICALLY). Everything else was just as it sounded. I’m so glad to have been able to celebrate the year in this way, and it makes me happy to think about what is coming next year!

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Sunday, May 26

Today was really quite uneventful. I spent most of the day just researching/typing up notes for my bootcamp presentation (more on bootcamp on my other blog). It was actually kind of stressful, but I think that is just my personal problem because I always freak out when something isn’t done at least 24 hours in advance. less than 24 hours and I feel late. Beneficial for handing projects in, not beneficial for working with other people.

Also, I am getting sick. Which is ridiculous because it’s May. Who gets a cold in May? Apparently this girl does.

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Wednesday, May 8

Today I started going to a Bible study that actually has turned out to be more of a class with CCF. However, since I’m going to be doing this every week for the rest of the summer … I’m going to digress and talk about the OTHER things I did today too!

Most notably, I helped clean our office. Sadly, we didn’t qualify for our own office next year so we had to clean everything out. We’re sharing, but haven’t been able to contact the people we’re sharing with. It was SO depressing to see everything packed up in bags for moving … I spent so long decorating the office! But it was also kind of nice … it closed the chapter for me at least. New things are coming, and I’m not on committee. Seeing all my things I did would have been a lot to take in every day when not a part of  leading anymore.

Anyhow, afterwards I decided to stay and watch … the Leafs Game. Why? Well … I missed people. Otherwise, I mean the Leafs are great and all (… uh … did I really just say that?) but the Hawks are my team, as I like to say. Although … I know nothing about how they’re doing … I’m just not a sports person. For some reason the school pub was half empty, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as the last game I watched in a pub … I’ll just wait for the Winter Olympics to come again this winter and watch some Canada-US action there. (SIDE NOTE: I finally caught up on the worlds figure skating earlier … clearly I didn’t blog about it that day. Why, I don’t know. I ALSO SAW STARS ON ICE ON THE 27 AND IT WAS FANTASTIC. I DIDN’T START BLOGGING UNTIL AFTER SO I DIDN’T WRITE ABOUT IT BUT IT WAS SO FANTASTIC. I LOVE PATRICK CHAN)

Anyhow, now that that is out of the way, I think that is about it for my Wednesday. To keep up with the reading plan that is a part of the quasi class thing I’m taking, you can check out my blog, Padigrumae.

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Saturday, May 4

“May the (horse) be with you” – Relient K

May 4th is one of the most absolutely fantastic days because A. it is Star Wars Day, and B. it is my sister’s birthday. Star Wars is honestly one of my favourite things ever. Sort of. Well, I just really like the excuse to talk about it one day of the year :]

My sister’s birthday this year was not a HUGE big to-do, but i DID make a carrot cake form scratch for the first time ever. It was actually way more delicious than I thought it was going to be. However, we only had baby carrots … so shredding the carrots took forever…and my fingers turned orange. Legit.

The highlight of the day, though, was CCF Banquet. It had a special air to it this year, being away from school, and also since I was actually around all year (and on committee). It was so nice to see everyone hanging out and enjoying the times we’ve had … but it was a little bit more than that for me.

The entire year I’ve struggled with seeing how the stuff I’ve done impacted people, how the little things I was spending SO much of my time doing actually effected people, and seeing how I was appreciated in any way. At time I wondered if God was even there, or if I was just doing “too much” for him and therein “losing” him in the business. It didn’t make sense though because I WAS having a quiet time every day, and I WAS trying to get back on track…

Anyhow, this song came up in the worship portion at the end of the night RIGHT after committee got these fantastic mugs…and the combo just really touched me. I can’t explain it other than suddenly, everything was worth it. I realized that yes, even though the things I did were small, they were big in God’s eyes, even if they were invisible to other people, they were BIG in God’s eyes, that the work I put it was, in fact, appreciated, and that not for a moment did God forsake me this year. Never once did he leave my side (song by Merideth Andrews).

CCF mugs
My beautiful reminder of this year.