128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Saturday, August 24

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I didn’t do a whole lot of things today. Mostly just errands/getting things that I knew I needed. Example: went out and bought new pants because school soon. Went out to buy more cheap-er cards because mailing lots. Went out to buy another box to keep my letters in (and proceeded to get 4 instead…) because current box is full. Really just normal things for me to do on a typical day of nothingness.

I’m currently on a cleaning-spree aka I think I might even tackle my closet tomorrow. Or tonight. We’ll see. Basically I’m “systematically” going through various parts of my room in an attempt to make them more useable/look less cluttered. This may or may not involve me disposing of things I no longer need/use (either that or storing the useless things away somewhere until a later day when I can bear to part with them).

The downside of summer winding down (along with everything else thats obvious) is the fall allergies start hitting me. Darn things. Itchy eyes ALL the time.


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