128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Wednesday, August 21

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Today was a super special day (for me) because I got to go back and reunite with my university friends at CCF! Woop! It was cool to go back and see people I haven’t seen in a while, to catch up, and to just be in community together. Ironically, the topical tonight WAS on community, so that was a nice way to jump into the school year.

Also, we went out for dinner and I got my Asian food fix for the week. Oh how I missed it at camp.

Speaking of school, IT STARTS SO SOON! AHHHHHHHHH. This summer has been full of many things so far, but I’m getting ahead of myself…the wrap up post will be the last one. Needless to say, I’m not completely ready for classes to start yet, but I hope that by the time I get to that point I will be. I may not have completed my summer goal list, but I think it was a good summer nonetheless.


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