128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Sunday, August 11

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I attended staff worship this morning because it felt like the right way to tie up loose ends on the summer. As I drove away I wasn’t sad. I was filled full. It has been a great summer. While I’m sad to leave the friendships I have, I know that this summer was for a purpose. It was a beautiful purpose, and I am changed for good because of it. I think I’m ok at this point knowing that some friendships will not continue on, but I am satisfied knowing that there is always a bond shared between camp counsellors. One day I may see them again, and it will be a joyous time. Until then, I am happy with the memories I have.

For the afternoon, I did laundry, a nap, and a shower in that order. I now feel like as much of a real person as I can without being home. Being clean is a big step though. Also clean clothes. There is something about clean clothes that is just wonderful.


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