128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Saturday, August 3

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At camp they have these days once a summer called “Family Fun Days” where camp is opened to the public and they can come and try some of the activities. Guess who got stuck volunteering for this day! That’s right. This girl. I stood at pony rides (a rather boring activity to watch in the first place) for 4 hours. It was not super fun in any way shape or form, but I did manage to get a free Wesco slushy out of it. Also, I was able to do more crafts afterwards! And by crafts I mean this time I was actually allowed to do leather with the scrap leather from other crafts. YEA!

My greatest accomplishment of the day, however, was that I finally was able to cook macaroni at camp. We discovered that there is in fact a microwave in the kitchen of the dining hall, and since we’re allowed to be in there, we’re also allowed to use it. WINNING. I finally had my macaroni party and stayed up late talking with people 😀


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