128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Thursday, July 4

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My cousin, who is Miss Evart, was in the parade today so of course we went to see it. I have immensely enjoyed partaking in these Fourth of July festivities this year because the last two years I was doing other things. It was weird to have the cousins I’m closest with not there, but it was still good. Plus, parades are just great. I mean, who doesn’t like parades?

We also celebrated my sister’s grad today by my aunt giving her a quilt. It’s a thing she started. She wants to give all of us a quilt when we graduate to remember her by. I love the one I got two years ago, but it ended up being too big for my bed so it’s being saved for when I either get a bigger bed, move out, or get married (consequentially involving the first two criteria), whichever comes first.

My cousin also set off his own fireworks tonight. It was probably more fun to watch him and his friends get super excited (he’s 13) about setting them off than actually watching them go off. But hey, Happy 4th, eh?


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