128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Friday, July 5

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Today we spent time helping out with lost and found at camp (volunteering), which I’ve done before and mostly did just for an excuse to be able to walk around camp with a visitor badge. But I did my fair share of work to get that badge!

It was especially nice because I finally got to go back to my camp centre and see some of the people I really wanted to see. I also did my super informal returner interview thing and I’m going back to camp! AHHHHHHH! Starting on the 14th and then seeing how it goes from then on … I’m so excited. I haven’t felt this confident and actually at peace and excited about a decision I’ve made so far this summer. I’m actually excited for what God has in store for me for the first time in a long while. I’m confident, and it feels good. I feel like I might have something to learn … and I look forward to it, even if it’s hard.

Extra bonus? Got my letter! Apparently it was put in the mail without a stamp, returned, and then picked up by another guy who gave it to me today. Icing on the cake. Like really.

Ooooo. And my closest cousin came back to visit today. It’s always nice to get to see him when we visit.


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