128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Friday, June 21

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I’m writing this the day after, because I went to a friends house for a sleep over (no, I am NOT too old to enjoy a good sleep over) and thus left my laptop at home, and could not blog about it. So here is your catch up.

We made a delicious pasta dish that was super yummy (cream of pesto with asparagus and corn), but we neglected to take a picture. We failed in that we made about 3 times as much as we needed to feed ourselves…but her family is gone for the week so she can just eat pasta for dinner everyday. NBD

We also tried to make a lemon tart from my cookbook I bought on wednesday. It sounded easy, but because it was a British recipe, we had to convert all the measurements and substitute ingredients becuase they don’t exist in Canada. Like castor sugar and double cream. The shell took us two times to do because it puffed up while baking the first time, and the second time it stuck to the weights holding it down (another pie plate) and there was a hole. Consequently, the filling flooded the whole pan.

It did not look good and was very, very lemony, but when covered in whipped cream, it was actually pretty good.

Takeaway? It was a fun time to spend together in the kitchen, even if it DID end up not turning out completely like we wanted. Nothing like good food (and making good food) to provoke good conversation.


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