128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Wednesday, June 12


Today was like most other Wednesdays have been – Bootcamp followed by hanging out followed by dinner. Yes for epic things.

For hanging out I went to Kensington Market for the first time! My friend took me to a ridiculously wonderfully quant coffee shop: Jimmies (I think?); and it was a definite hipster hangout. So it must be good – right?

Mostly though, today, I would like to share my genius-ness in how I chose to order my meal this evening. APPETIZER AND SOUP. Yea. Best.of.both.worlds. A pile of sweet potato fries all for myself plus a bowl of french onion soup (not the best … next time i’m going for a different kind). But like … why have I not thought of this before? Yummy food for same price as entree, I was full, AND I had leftovers to share with my mom to make up for taking a later train than usual. #winning



2 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 12

  1. I love Kensington Market 🙂 nice post!

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