128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Saturday, June 1

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The most delightful thing about Anne Shirley is her positively scrumptious attitude towards everything. Her life seems so delightful, and her adventures, though some are wrought with misgivings and unfortunate mishaps, are just wonderful. In the words of Anne herself, it’s so romantic.

I have to confess, that while I adore reading these, there comes a point where it almost becomes too much. I’m patiently waiting for Anne to marry Gilbert now (partway through Windy Poplars ATM), but at the end of Anne of the Island … I almost bawled. Usually the final proposal scene (otherwise known in my mind as “take two”)  is just a picture of loveliness in my mind (to my future finance/husband/whatever, I would like one just as special as that one). However, this time round I was listening to music, and “Golden” by Lady Antebellum was playing … ugh. I died. It is not fair for the pathetically beautiful scene to have been set to hopelessly perfect music. I’ve never been so upset at my playlist ever since the following song was Swift’s “Mary’s Song”. Like, really?

Anyhow, despite the stark contrast to everyday life (or rather because of it!) I still will highly recommend and love the Anne of Green Gable Novels until the day I die.

Ok I really need to stop sounding like the books now …


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