128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Sunday, May 19

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Three Things:

1. Good message. I really enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I was going to. He was speaking on some verses in 1 Timothy 6 with the purpose of showing how we are to share amongst believers. The concept was two-fold. First off, we should be content in what God as given us, needing only God food and clothing, because we both come into and out of the world with nothing (6-9). In addition, everything that we do have is purely a gift from God while we’re here (17-19). If it doesn’t belong to us anyway, why would we have qualms about giving it away? We wouldn’t. It was definitely something to digest for a while.

2. Seeing old friends. I surely wasn’t expecting to run into a camp friend today, especially the one I did. I realize the camp is in the same town as the church and my family, but it was a blessing to run into him anyway (he was a counsellor of mine 3 years ago and is still working). Camp people just always are good run-ins because pretty much all the memories you have are good ones, and seeing them reminds you of those good memories

3. Slackline. I taught my sister and my other two cousins how you’re supposed to slackline. I say “how you’re supposed to” because they can’t do it yet. I, personally, have finally mastered the “step up” and can take about one step. Yay! (I also got in a good hour of hammocking. It was delightful.)


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