128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Tuesday, May 14

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Today was a day of epic commuting proportions.

AKA: I spent at least 6 hours today traveling from one point to another on busses or in cars. It was all worth it though to have some fellowship with my dear friends and celebrate a birthday. But from now on I call meeting halfway. The commute was ridiculous even with someone picking us up part of the way there (even if the bus DID get a flat tire at one point).

Another plus was that I got to go to Pacific Mall for the first time EVER. It was slightly exciting. I think it was over-hyped, but you know what? I can say I at least went now. I couldn’t say that before! I can’t say as I’m planning on going back any time soon, it’s a little far (by which I mean REALLY far). However, the bubble tea was just as nice as the stuff I get around here, and the bubble waffles were quite splendid indeed (think inverted waffles). It was a “bubbly” day ;D

Regardless, I think the highlight was actually the commuting because of the fellowship. Especially the return trip. I am so thankful for sisters who I can talk and share with and encourage on the journey! It is always an encouragement to hear that others are/have struggling/ed with similar things, and to hear how they are working through them. I’m so thankful for family to walk this road with!


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