128 Days of Summer

Adventures from April 28 through September 1 of 2013

Monday, May 6

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Today is the day … I decided to start learning Greek! Not normal Greek, New Testament Greek. Why you ask? Because I want to, and then I can study my Bible deeper myself. So far … I can write the letters …. not very good. Well I copied from a chart once, but my dad said I needed to learn how to write them properly so that I don’t spend 5 hours writing one word…He’s probably right. This chart took a while.


But look how pretty it is! I’m so excited…

In addition to that fantastic alphabet I started teaching myself, I worked on some cross stitch things for church … I’ll talk more about those when I actually FINISH. However, what is more exciting is that I started working on my tan! 😀 I’m not working at camp this summer … So I won’t be outside all day every day soaking up Vitamin D and getting all golden brown, so now I have to actually plan it into my day … which is weird. But it’s also kind of nice

I’m starting to finally get into the swing of not having a lot to do. It’s starting to get easier to fill my days with things, and I find that filling the time with things that I want to do is really satisfying once the day is over. I know that I’ve accomplished things, and its wonderfully relaxing. Hopefully it will last!


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